Making any of the mistakes on this list could cost you money. These mistakes are very common and often overlooked but should be taken into consideration if your website is built on WordPress.

Ultimately you want to be making money from your website and not setting yourself up to lose.

Here’s the list…if you want exact ways to fix any of these WordPress mistakes, skip to that section to learn how.


  1. Not keeping a full site backup
  2. Choosing a weak password
  3. Using instead of
  4. Not optimizing your images
  5. Not checking your permalinks settings
  6. Trying to fix and manage everything yourself


1. Not Keeping a Full Site Backup

This often overlook process is absolutely essential. While most hosting companies provide this service automatically you should also check your current hosting provider and make sure this is done on a daily basis.

It’s not uncommon to experience an issue after installing a plugin or upgrading your theme. If this does happen you will be able to contact your hosting partner and have your website restored.

With most WordPress web host you can create a copy of your website yourself. This is typically a 2 part backup. 

The first part being all of your WordPress files. The second part being your WordPress database.

You can easily get copies of these two files using a free plugin. These are the two I recommend

1. Backup WP

2. Duplicator




If you have a WordPress site then you might already know that your site is more than likely constantly under “brute force” attack.

WordPress websites are a major target for malware and spider machines that want to just break in and plant their virus and wreak havoc on your website.

Just as common as this issue is amongst WordPress sites. It’s actually pretty easy to avoid this becoming a major issue.

In addition to keeping an up to date backup of your website it is also important to make sure you choose a strong password.

Take some time and think about a unique password and keep it somewhere safe.

It should include a combination of letters numbers and symbols. It is even good practice to use a series of words or even a phrase as your password.

Password phrase example: Thisistheyear2be#1

Whatever you decide make sure you change it from the default login and password credentials.

3. Using instead of

If you are launching your website to start a business and plan to make money online do not start building your website on is just a blogging network. It’s great if you just want to blog. For anything other than starting a casual blog choose

When you choose you will actually own your website, your domain and your content because you choose where to host it.

It’s an entirely different experience and it’s totally independent of the platform.

If your website address is something like

…this means it’s hosted on and you don’t actually own it. You should seriously consider moving it.

If you are a beginner and you’ve already started on, you’ll want to get some help or do some research on how to move your site to your own domain and web host.


4. Not understanding permalinks and having them setup incorrectly

(Please note, this should be done before you launch your website. If you have an older website with tons of blog post you may not want to mess with these settings. However, it is ok to check to see how they are set up so that you can get help if you wish to make changes to these settings.)

Your permalinks will establish the entire link structure of your website. Depending on how your WordPress site was installed this might already be setup correctly.

To make sure, let’s check.

Here is how you check your permalinks settings for your WordPress site.

  1.  Login to your WordPress website
  2. Click the settings link (left side menu near the bottom)
  3. Click the permalinks settings


Where to find the permalinks menu in WordPress

  • Make sure you have the “post name” option selected


Make sure the “post name” format is selected

Once this is done click the save changes button in blue. If it was already selected then you are good. There is nothing that you have to change.

This is something that should be done before you even launch your website. 

If you check these settings and it’s anything other than “post name” selected. You may want to get help from your web developer before making any changes. This will alter the overall link structure of your website.

5. Not optimizing your Images

The speed of your website is not only important for SEO and search engine ranking but also to keep your website traffic from leaving. So you site needs to load as quick as possible. There is nothing that will slow down your website like oversized images or images that have not been optimized.

Just because your image looks small doesn’t mean it is. To be clear, we are referring to the actual file size of your image. You can make an image look small visually, but it might still be huge in terms of the file size.

So to be sure, it’s a good idea to optimize your images.

This can be done a few ways. 

There are plugins you can use that can automatically optimize your images or you can optimize them yourself.

To do try this free online tool called TinyPng

Check it out

Here’s a quick video on how to optimize your images using tinyPng. Watch how I reduce the file size of the images from over 2 MB 

6. Wasting time doing it all yourself

How much is your time worth to you? $25 per hour? $150 per hour? Time is the most important and least considered factor when it comes to your website. 

This can be the time it takes to add a new piece of content or to fix an issue with a plugin.

Even spending an hour on any of the task discussed in this blog post can take you an hour if not days to figure if you’ve never done it before. Even then will you actually be able to get it done?

If you are in the business of making money and have a true value on your time, then doing it yourself can effectively cost you just as much as having someone else do it.

As a business owner free can sometimes sound better, but is it really?

So try this,

Decide whether you have more time or money (most businesses have more money than time). In that case, it is better to hire a specialist to build and mange your site. 

Don’t forget that maintenance and managing your website is on going. Handling ongoing maintenance of your website should be considering during the planning of your website and the budgeting for your business

If you want to grow your business and make sure your site is useful for your customers and making your money, don’t put off keeping your site up to date.

When it comes to the bottom line, all of these factors are going to play a part in how much money you can save or will lose if not managed properly.

Investing in your website is money well spent, especially if you are able to spend your time doing the things that contribute to the overall growth and success of your business.

If you are in a position where you have more money than time, it might be time to outsource some if not all of your WordPress website task.

After all, your website is an extremely important component of your business. Outsourcing WordPress website maintenance and support will be the most affordable expense for your business that contributes to the most growth overall for your company.

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