It’s never been more important to have an email list that it is right now.

If you don’t know what an email list is, it’s essentially just a collection of email addresses of your past clients or customers organized in a database that you control.

If you’ve been in business for a while then, you probably already have a list.

The question then becomes, are you capitalizing from it.

In this post you’ll learn:

  • How to get started list building
  • Using Lead magnets to list build
  • How to capitalize and make money from your list

Here’s the thing, having an email is just the beginning.

How to get started list building

You want to have a strategy in place to:

  • Always be list building
  • Keep your list organized and even segmented if possible
  • Nurture your list to keep it fresh
  • Provide value
  • Generate revenue from your list

If you don’t already have a list you may want to check out my new fav list building software:


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Flodesk will make your list building life so much easier and prettier. Their templates are super pro-fresh and will keep your readers engaged.

Flodesk is like most other email marketing platforms where you can:

  • Create opt-in forms
  • Collect email address on your website
  • Send out email marketing campaigns
  • Create email automation workflows

So if you are getting started, check out Flodesk.

To get your list going with subscribers you’ll want to setup an opt-in form on your website and link to that page from your socail media pages like Instagram and Facebook.

Also as a local business you have a huge opportunity to collect email addresses from anyone that visits your location or hires you for service.

Make sure are always list building

Using lead magnets to fast-track your list building strategy

If you’ve every downloaded a free report, case study or checklist in exchange for your email address, then you’ve received a lead magnet.

A lead magnet, often called a Freebie, is a free resource offered in exchange for a persons name and email address.

It’s also a super effective way to get started list building and fast-track the growth of your list.

I could write an entire post about list building with lead magnets. I even created a whole course about it.

If you want to get into list building and want to offer a lead magnet to help amp up your list growth.

Check out Freebie Academy

Online List Building Course – it’s the best $27 you’ll spend to help you get started created lead magnets for your local, online or service based business.

How to make money from your email list

Now that you have the right tools and the right lead magnet to start growing your list, how do you use it as a tool to generate revenue.

The important thing to remember is to nurture you list.

This means that don’t let you list get stale by not communicating. Your readers joined your list because they want to hear from you.

So don’t make them wait!

When you use the Flodesk platform for your email marketing, you can setup email automation sequences.

Email sequences allows you to set up automated messages that will welcome your new subscribers and keep the flow of communication going in between your regular email blast.

This way you stay relevant in their inbox and you can share all of your valuable content right away.

So when you are ready to run a promotion or ask for them to book an appointment with you, you would have established some trust up front first.

There is more insight on this if you choose to check out Freebie Academy

The key to actually creating a profitable email list is to:

  • Email your list regularly (I recommend weekly)
  • Keep promotion to a minimum (80/20 rule – 80% value, 20% promo)
  • Keep it fun and entertaining and local

That’s all for now.

I welcome your email and comments


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