How it works

Atlanta Website Store is a do it for me website builder and manager. Unlike DIY (Do it Yourself ) website builders like Wix or Squarespace, we do all the work. Let us explain why DIFM( Do It For Me) is better.

Our process is simple and get's you from start to launch in just 48 hours.

Book your get started call

We learn about your business and have it ready for you in 48 hours.

In 48 hours your site is done

Based on your get started call specifications, we get to work building your dream website. It's ready for you to review in just 48 hours

Edits and updates are free

If you need to make any changes it's all included. No hassle just great fast service.


Why we think DIFM is better 🙂


(Do It Yourself)
This option is cheaper, but not easier. It's hard work and takes up your valuable time

  • Idea for personal use not business
  • Requires a lot of your time
  • You have to come up with the design
  • You may have to write your own code
  • Write your own website copy
  • Setup your domain and point it to your hosting provider
  • It's up to you to maintain your website content and updates
  • Ask friends and employees to help you with maintenance


(Do It For Me)
Faster, affordable and saves you time. Unload the overwhelming task of managing your website

  • Perfect for busy professionals and business owners
  • Only requires a 30 minute call to get started
  • We create a beautiful design in 48 hours
  • No technical skills required on your part
  • Never have to add a page or even 1 paragraph of content
  • Affordable monthly cost and everything is taken care of
  • Domain and hosting is setup and maintained for you
  • All the help you need is a click or a call away 24-7
  • Ask for edits and updates to content whenever you need it

Ready to get started?

We’re ready when you are. Schedule your get started call. It’s free and there is no obligation.